Student Outcomes

Here are testimonials from our past students and their journey to become a UX designer. Can you see yourself in their stories?

complete beginner to UX designer

From Social Work major to UX Design

Kathrina was a beginner with a social work degree, which turned out to be not the right fit for her. She found out about UX design and took a course with us. Now, she works as a Junior UX Designer at Everyone Counts designing remote voting solutions.

Graphic designer to UX designer

How I went from a Graphic Designer to a UX Designer

Saneeya was a graphic designer primarily working in print. Like many graphic designers, she wanted to make a transition into digital media. She took a course with us and hustled for a job. Saneeya eventually landed a full-time UX designer position at McGraw-Hill Education.

software Developer to UX designer

How I went from a software developer to a UX designer

Jessica was a software developer who wanted to become a full-time UX designer. She had to struggle with people’s bias that developers can’t design. She took a course at ITHAKAI and built a UX portfolio. Now, she works as a full-time Senior UX designer at Oomba.

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"I'm very thankful for the bootcamp, as I landed a UX internship in Downtown LA shortly after, and I'm ecstatic over how much the bootcamp has helped me move beyond getting just my foot in the door. I am able to do far more than many of the other interns who went to other schools can do, and I have no hesitation in saying so. ITHAKAI has done wonders and I can only take pride in being a part of the early days that gave me such a leg up."

Alonso Loera, UX Designer at rhubarb studios

"I am writing this review at my office as a UX designer in the headquarter of AT&T. I am very grateful to get this job offer after the very diverse and solid UX training at ITHAKAI. The most important thing I learn is to do as much as we can and we will be beyond how good we think we could be. As a guy with a lot of different UX training experience, I definitely recommend ITHAKAI because it’s not just a school but a good start point in your career."

Ruohai Wang, UX Designer at AT&T

"I landed a UX internship shortly after the bootcamp, which eventually turned into full-time employment as a Junior UX designer at an established company. I’m very happy with it (so far) and give my thanks to Ithakai for helping me start my UX career!"

Kat Maribao, Junior UX Designer at Everyone Counts