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What Do UX Designers Do?

When you hear the term “UX Designer”, what images come up in your mind? Several people facing the wall looking at sticky notes contemplating on something? Drawing and writing on a whiteboard with arrows going everywhere? All these are representations of what UX designers do.

Here is a helpful video to understand what it’s like to work as a UX designer at a company:

Different Paths In UX Design

Often, you’ll see many job titles regarding professions related to UX design: user experience designer, UI designer, user researcher, interaction designer, information architecture and so on. Being a UX Designer can mean different things depend on which company or project you are working on. Here are responsibilities and salary data for various titles under a big umbrella term “UX designer.”

See A Guide To UX Careers by Onward Search for "essential information on the different career opportunities within UX, national benchmarks for UX salaries, the hottest metro areas for UX jobs, and tools of the trade for UX professionals."

More Definitions and Resources

UX Designers

  • Responsibilities: Activities that improve experience between the user and the product
  • Typical Deliverables: User research reports, personas, sitemaps, wireframes, mockups

UX Researchers

  • Responsibilities: Plan, conduct, analyze, and report research and testing activities
  • Typical Deliverables: Research and testing reports, scenarios, personas, diagrams

Content Strategists

  • Responsibilities: Plan, develop, manage content written or in other media
  • Typical Deliverables: Content inventory and audit, personas, content models

Information Architects

  • Responsibilities: Organize information to best serve business and user needs
  • Typical Deliverables: Sitemaps, flows, wireframes, prototypes

UI Designers

  • Responsibilities: Create design artifacts that are visually pleasing, user friendly, and technically feasible
  • Typical Deliverables: Mockups (Photoshop, Sketch), sliced images, style guide