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  Class Rules

Welcome to User Experience Design Intensive course. You’ll be learning important concepts in UX design and gradually building a portfolio website. You'll also write a resume and create a LinkedIn profile so you can accurately represent yourself as a UX designer. The following rules are for students who signed up for the Mentorship plan.

Course Format

UX Design Intensive course may take 3-5 months depends on your time commitment and experience. You’ll have total of 4 meetings per month with an assigned mentor to get feedback on your work and ask questions.

Checkpoints and Grading

There are total of six checkpoints to be graded. Score 3.0 and above at each checkpoint to Pass. You can move on to the next section only after passing a checkpoint. See submission guidelines on each checkpoint page.

  • Checkpoint 1: Set up a portfolio site, Complete tutorials for recommended tools
  • Checkpoint 2: Complete Project #1
  • Checkpoint 3: Complete Project #2
  • Checkpoint 4: Complete Project #3
  • Checkpoint 5: Write a resume, update LinkedIn profile
  • Checkpoint 6 (Final): Portfolio site with three projects, Resume, and LinkedIn

Your work will be graded by the following criteria from the scale of 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent):

  • Completeness
  • Quality of content
  • Quality of presentation
  • Mastery of tools

If you don't pass a checkpoint, a staff member will reach out to you with reasons of our assessments. We'll explain how you can improve your work for re-submission.

Course Completion Requirements

In order to earn a certificate of completion, you need to meet the following requirements at the time of graduation:

For career changers

Required to showcase the following items at the time of graduation:

  • Portfolio website, containing class projects
  • Resume, ready to be sent out for entry-level UX jobs
  • LinkedIn profile, updated and optimized as a UX designer

For non-career changers

You and your mentor will define the requirements to earn a course complete status.

Weekly Meetings

1. Study the week's materials and share your work in a mentor session to get feedback.

2. We all have times that we need to reschedule a meeting. Here are rules for rescheduling mentor sessions.

If you have to reschedule a meeting, please email your mentor and CC [email protected] with suggested dates and times.

Reschedule more than 48 hours before a session
You can reschedule a session if you notify at least 48 hours before a session. A make-up session will be scheduled accordingly.

Reschedule within 48 hours of a session
In a case of an emergency, you can reschedule a session within 48 hours. You are allowed to do so up to two times. If you reschedule a session within 48 hours more than twice, we can't guarantee a make-up session.

No show
If you don't show without a notification, there will be no make-up session.

3. Please join all meetings 5 min prior to the start time to avoid any delays.

Class Preparedness Checklist

✓ Test your equipment.

Test your web cam and microphone set up. We’ll use Skype for our meetings. Click on 'Audio & Video Settings' to check your audio input/output and camera feed.

✓ Prepare your meeting environment.

Find a quiet spot with a clean background where your web cam will show. Especially, for those who will have meetings at home, please make sure to inform family members so classmates don't hear or see them in the background. Prepare your environment for an optimal learning experience.

✓ Be aware of the weekly schedule.

Because we don't meet in person, online classes demand extra attention and commitment to make progress each week.